FX2 Funding

FX2 Funding

In this review, we will delve into the details of FX2 Funding, a prop trading firm renowned for offering traders the chance to trade using the firm's capital. Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of its features, trading conditions, benefits, and potential drawbacks. By the end of this review, you'll be equipped with the necessary information to make an informed decision about whether FX2 Funding is the ideal choice for you.

FX2 Funding is offering traders a chance to earn 85% of their profits while trading with up to $200,000 in live capital.

We had watched several videos of other traders working with this company and trading their funded accounts before deciding to apply for funding ourselves.

It’s true that FX2Funding is a newer company and doesn’t yet have the same level of recognition as some of the larger prop firms, but that’s not always a bad thing.

They have no requirements for minimum transaction duration, maximum trade duration, or stop loss orders, and are quickly becoming well-known for their casual approach to both account funding and trading.

Is this the right production company for you? Come on, let’s find out…

Who are FX2 Funding?

FX2 Funding is a US-based company that has forged a unique partnership with the licensed Australian broker Eightcap, leveraging their servers to offer traders and investors in the forex industry a truly groundbreaking service. From its inception, FX2 Funding set out to revolutionize the trading landscape by providing a distinctive, value-driven experience.

What sets FX2 Funding apart from the competition is its unwavering commitment to granting traders unparalleled freedom. The company has redefined the rules of registration and evaluation, liberating traders from the constraints of conventional trading platforms. Unlike many others, FX2 Funding has done away with stop-loss restrictions, giving traders the autonomy to manage their investments as they see fit.

One of the standout features of FX2 Funding is its inclusive approach to trading strategies. Here, every strategy, no matter how unconventional, is embraced and encouraged. This is a refreshing departure from the industry norm and has earned FX2 Funding a devoted following among traders who appreciate the freedom to explore their own unique approaches.

Additionally, FX2 Funding doesn’t clock out on the weekends. It allows traders to maintain positions over the weekend, further demonstrating its dedication to facilitating a flexible and accommodating trading environment.

Who is the CEO of FX2 Funding?


Meet David Dombrowsky, the visionary founder and CEO behind FX2 Funding. With a rich background in forex trading, David embarked on a remarkable journey to establish his proprietary trading firm in 2022. Prior to his role at FX2, David held pivotal positions as CFO within various retail and healthcare companies. Remarkably, he steered one of these enterprises to a triumphant exit, showcasing his exceptional financial acumen.

David’s unique passion lies in the intricate world of trading psychology. He isn’t just about numbers; he’s dedicated to understanding the human element that drives financial markets. Eager to share his insights, David has been an educator in the field, offering courses and seminars that illuminate the complexities of trading psychology.

Beyond his financial expertise, David is a registered CPA in the state of New York, reflecting his commitment to upholding the highest professional standards. When he’s not navigating the world of finance, you can often find David indulging in his love for basketball, where he thrives on the thrill of a competitive game.

Account Funding Options

You can trade foreign exchange and get a share of the profits from their live-funded accounts through FX2 Funding.

Here are the different ways to get money from the prop firm:

The size of a Starter account

With a sum of $10,000, the starter account is the smallest in FX2 Funding.

If you choose the starter account, up to 85% of the profits from your live-funded account will go to you.

The Size of an Intermediate Account

The money in the Intermediate account is worth $25,000.

The programs also give people who get accepted to the live sponsored account with this account a profit share of up to 85%.

The size of a Professional account

The amount of professional account size is $50,000.

In the Professional account, you can get up to 85% of the profits.

The Size of Expert Account

In the live-funded expert account, the tradeable account amount is $100,000 and the profit share is 85%.

The Size of Master Account

With a balance of $200,000, this is the biggest account on the prop company platform.

If you move to the live-funded account with the Master account, you’ll also get 85% of the profit.

After you choose the size of your account, you can start selling in the program.

Trading Instruments

FX2 Funding provides traders with the flexibility to engage in a diverse range of financial markets through its trading instruments. Traders using FX2 Funding have the opportunity to trade up to three main instruments, which encompass:

Forex Pairs: Trading Forex pairs is an essential part of the FX2 Funding platform. Forex, short for foreign exchange, involves the exchange of one currency for another. Traders can engage in the dynamic world of currency trading, taking advantage of fluctuations in exchange rates to make profitable trades.

Indices: FX2 Funding also offers traders access to a variety of indices. These indices represent the performance of a group of stocks from a particular region or sector. By trading indices, traders can speculate on the overall performance of markets, allowing for diversified trading strategies.

Cryptocurrency: In the ever-evolving world of finance, cryptocurrency has emerged as a prominent asset class. FX2 Funding allows traders to harness the potential of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. Cryptocurrency trading offers a unique opportunity to capitalize on the volatility and growth potential of digital assets.

Whether a trader is interested in the stability of Forex pairs, the broader market trends represented by indices, or the exciting world of cryptocurrency, FX2 Funding provides the tools and resources to explore these trading instruments. With a wide range of options, traders can diversify their portfolios and seize opportunities in multiple financial markets.

Payment Proof

We were unable to locate any additional evidence of their ability to pay. They have a Discord server where you may inquire about this.

Subscription & Profit Withdrawal Methods

Their one-time subscription fee starts from $125($10,000 Starter plan) and lasts for $1,800($200,000 Master plan). FX2 uses Deel.com as its payout processor. Successful FX2 traders will be given quick access to deel account creation procedures. You can withdraw your funds from your Deel.com account using bank transfer, Revolut, PayPal, Wise, Payoneer, Coinbase, or Binance.

Traders Opinion

They have 42 reviews on Trustpilot, with an average rating of 4.3. Their funding options and trading interfaces have received generally excellent feedback. Some customers also have a high opinion of their service’s help desk.

Final Thoughts

FX2 Funding is a prominent proprietary trading firm that has established itself as a reliable and innovative player in the financial markets. With its expertise in foreign exchange (FX) trading and commitment to cutting-edge technology, the firm has consistently delivered impressive results and garnered a strong reputation among traders and investors.

FX2 Funding

Account size up to: $2M

Trading Platform Experience
Deposit & Withdrawal
Website, Backend Technology
Customer Support
4.3 Overall Rating

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