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September 3, 2023 0
Are you ready to venture into the exciting world of proprietary trading firms? With the booming growth of ...
September 1, 2023 0
Step into the dynamic world of proprietary trading, where financial institutions use their own capital to make profits, ...
September 1, 2023 0
In prop trading, there’s a new star player: Maximum Allocation Capital (MAC). It’s a clever way of divvying ...
September 1, 2023 0
Imagine trading where every second counts – that’s proprietary trading for you. And guess what’s making it even ...
September 1, 2023 0
Hey there, let’s talk about something really interesting in the finance world! You know those prop trading firms, ...
September 1, 2023 0
Picture the world of trading as a high-stakes chess game, where staying ahead of the curve is your ...
September 1, 2023 0
In the ever-shifting world of financial markets, there’s a new player in town that’s changing the game: Expert ...
September 1, 2023 0
Step into the exciting realm of finance, and you’ll discover the fascinating world of proprietary trading firms. These ...
September 1, 2023 0
Alright, let’s talk about something that every trader out there absolutely loves – withdrawals. Yep, getting those hard-earned ...
September 1, 2023 0
Navigating the world of proprietary trading is all about staying sharp and streamlined. Today’s trading firms are embracing ...

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New Bookmakers

FTMO is one of the forex industry's most rapidly expanding forex proprietary trading firms. Sharing up to 90% profit-share with the funded traders, FTMO has gained a massive reputation among the trading community. Get a Glimpse of an Overview of FTMO. FTMO is one of the top forex prop firms.

Alpha Capital Group

Alpha Capital is a platform that helps traders in trading. Also, it educates beginners about funding accounts. It is a very reliable and convenient way to earn profit.


The5%ers funding firm was launched in 2016. This firm aims to help traders with high-capital trading. It is UK based company, and the headquarter is located in Israel.


FundedNext, the fastest growing proprietary trading firm, has gained massive popularity for their 15% Profit-share from the Demo Phase and $4 million scale-up to maximise the traders' profit.


It is a good and reliable platform that helps traders in trading and has a good trading service that makes trading easy for everyone.

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