E8 Markets

E8 Markets

E8 Markets is the most innovative prop trading firm. E8markets.com is an exemplary proprietary trading firm! The customer service and tech they have built for the trader are next-level. They have the fastest account activations within a few minutes and customer support is awesome.

E8 Markets has developed a user-friendly experience with essential information every trader needs, as well as the industry’s best technology to back it. They hope to provide their traders with the best funding experience with their innovative ideas.

E8 Markets is a prop trading firm that offers funded accounts to forex and CFD traders. They provide three funding programs: E8 Account, E8 Track, and ELEV8 Account. With competitive profit splits, fast funding, and comprehensive educational resources, E8 Markets is an attractive option for serious traders.

Who are E8 Markets?

E8 Markets is a pioneering proprietary firm that officially came into existence on the 5th of November, 2021. Distinguished by their innovative approach and unwavering commitment to traders, E8 Funding stands as one of the first proprietary trading firms situated in the heart of the United States. What sets them apart is their global reach, as they extend their funding opportunities to traders worldwide.

With strategic offices strategically located in Dallas and Texas, USA, as well as Prague in the Czech Republic, E8 Markets has established a remarkable presence on both sides of the Atlantic. Their mission is clear: to empower traders by providing them with the financial support they need to thrive in the competitive world of trading.

E8 Markets offers traders access to substantial capital, with the potential to secure up to $300,000 in trading account balance. What’s truly appealing is their profit-sharing model, where traders enjoy an impressive 80% profit split. But that’s not all – E8 Markets goes a step further by offering traders the exciting opportunity to scale their funding based on the profits they generate within their funded accounts.

One of E8 Markets’s key strengths lies in their partnership with a tier-1 liquidity provider. This collaboration affords traders direct market access through E8 Funding’s brokerage services. This means that traders can tap into a deep pool of liquidity and execute their strategies with speed and precision.

For those curious about E8 Markets’s headquarters, you can find them at 100 Crescent Ct, Unit 700, Dallas, TX 75201, United States. This central location reflects their commitment to being at the forefront of the trading industry, ensuring that they remain accessible and responsive to the needs of traders across the globe.

Who is the CEO of E8 Markets?

Who is the CEO of E8 Funding?

Dylan Elchami is the founder and CEO of E8 Markets. He established the firm with a mission to make professional trading accessible to everyone, enabling traders to manage capital from anywhere in the world. Under his leadership, E8 Markets has thrived, continually improving its offerings and conditions. Dylan’s focus on strategic partnerships and top-tier software solutions, facilitated by an in-house engineering team, ensures that traders enjoy the best possible trading experience. His dedication to simplifying trading has made E8 Funding a leading proprietary trading firm, driven by a commitment to trader success.

Why You Should Consider E8 Markets

Competitive profit split: E8 Markets offers an 80% profit split to funded traders, allowing you to keep 80% of your earnings.

Fast funding: Once approved for funding, your account will be funded within 24 hours, ensuring you can start trading quickly.

Comprehensive educational resources: E8 Markets provides valuable educational materials to enhance your trading skills and knowledge.

Steps To Get Funded

E8 Account

E8 Account: Complete a two-phase evaluation process. The first phase is a 10-day demo account challenge, where you must achieve a 10% profit. The second phase is a live account challenge, where you must achieve a 10% profit in 30 days to qualify for funding.

E8 Track

E8 Track: Maintain a 10% profit factor for three consecutive months after being funded through the E8 Account program to qualify. Eligible for funding up to $250,000.

ELEV8 Account

ELEV8 Account: Maintain a 15% profit factor for three consecutive months after being funded through the E8 Account program to qualify. Eligible for funding up to $1 million.

How to Create an Account on E8 Markets?

To register with E8 Markets, you will need to complete the following steps:

Sign Up for E8 Markets:

E8 Funding

Email Confirmation:


Choose Your Account:


Receive the Order Confirmation:


Payment Confirmation:


Scaling Plan

E8 Markets provides a scaling plan to increase your funding based on your trading performance. Traders can progress from the E8 Account to the E8 Track program, and eventually to the ELEV8 Account, with higher funding limits at each stage.

Trading Instruments

E8 Markets offers a diverse range of trading instruments to cater to the needs of traders looking to explore various markets and asset classes. Our platform allows you to trade forex pairs, commodities, indices, equities, and cryptocurrencies, all with the flexibility of leverage of up to 1:100. Your choice of trading instrument will determine the level of leverage available to you, offering a dynamic trading experience tailored to your preferences and risk tolerance.

Forex Pairs:

Forex, or foreign exchange, is the world’s largest financial market. It involves trading currency pairs, where you speculate on the exchange rate between two currencies. With E8 Markets, you can access a wide range of forex pairs, each with its own unique characteristics and potential for profit.



Commodity trading involves buying and selling physical goods such as gold, oil, and agricultural products. These tangible assets often serve as a hedge against inflation and can diversify your investment portfolio. E8 Markets provides access to various commodities, allowing you to take advantage of price fluctuations in these essential markets.



Indices represent the overall performance of a group of stocks or assets, offering a convenient way to invest in a specific market or sector without buying individual stocks. E8 Markets offers a selection of popular global indices, enabling you to participate in broader market movements.

EU50 GER30 US100 US30 US500 VIX


Equity trading involves buying and selling shares in publicly traded companies. Investing in equities allows you to become a shareholder and potentially benefit from dividend payments and capital appreciation. E8 Markets gives you access to a wide range of equities, both domestic and international, to build a diversified stock portfolio.



Cryptocurrencies have gained significant popularity in recent years as digital assets that operate independently of traditional financial systems. E8 Markets offers a variety of cryptocurrencies for trading, allowing you to explore this exciting and volatile market.


With E8 Markets’s wide range of trading instruments and flexible leverage options, you can diversify your trading portfolio and seize opportunities in different markets, all from a single platform. Start exploring the world of trading with E8 Funding today and take advantage of the financial opportunities that await you.

Trading Fees:

When it comes to trading on the E8 Markets platform, understanding the trading fees is crucial for traders looking to optimize their investments. E8 Markets offers a transparent fee structure that includes commission rates and calculations based on the following formulas:

Assets Fee Terms
FOREX Commission: 0.005 % Calculating formula: x % * (amount of lots* current price of the instrument * lot size)
COMMODITIES Commission: 0.005% Calculating formula: x % * (amount of lots* current price of the instrument * lot size)
EQUITIES Commission: 0.3% Calculating formula: x % * (amount of lots* current price of the instrument * lot size)
CRYPTO Commission: 0.2 % Calculating formula: x % * (amount of lots* current price of the instrument * lot size)

Comparison Between E8 Markets and Other Prop Trading Firms

E8 Markets stands out from most top-tier prop firms thanks to its unique approach, offering not one, but two distinctive funding programs: E8 Evaluation and E8 Track program accounts. What truly sets them apart is their remarkable flexibility when it comes to your trading style. At E8 Markets, you have the freedom to trade during major news events, keep positions overnight, and even trade during weekends.

Example of comparison between E8 Funding & FundedNext

Trading Objective E8 Funding (Normal) FundedNext
Phase 1 Profit Target 8% 10%
Phase 2 Profit Target 5% 5%
Maximum Daily Loss 5% 5%
Maximum Loss 8% (Scaleable up to 14%) 10%
Minimum Trading Days No Minimum Trading Days 5 Calendar Days
Maximum Trading Period Phase 1: Unlimited
Phase 2: Unlimited
Phase 1: 30 Calendar Days
Phase 2: 60 Calendar Days
Profit Split 80% 90%

Example of comparison between E8 Markets & Blue Guardian

Trading Objective E8 Funding (Extended) Blue Guardian (Elite)
Phase 1 Profit Target 8% 8%
Phase 2 Profit Target 5% 4%
Maximum Daily Loss 5% 4%
Maximum Loss 10% (Scaleable up to 14%) 10%
Minimum Trading Days 5 Calendar Days 5 Calendar Days
Maximum Trading Period Phase 1: Unlimited
Phase 2: Unlimited
Phase 1: Unlimited
Phase 2: Unlimited
Profit Split 80% 85%

In the E8 Markets standard evaluation program accounts, traders undergo a two-phase evaluation process, requiring them to successfully complete both phases before becoming eligible for payouts. Phase one sets a profit target of 8%, while phase two lowers it to 5%, accompanied by daily maximum gain and loss limits of 5% and 8% respectively.

What’s truly liberating is that there are no rigid constraints on the number of trading days in either phase before achieving funded status. E8’s evaluation program also includes a scaling plan, distinguished by its comparatively lower profit targets and a complete absence of maximum or minimum trading day requirements, a feature that’s quite unique among industry-leading prop firms.

On the other hand, E8 Markets’s E8 Track program accounts feature a more extensive three-phase evaluation process, obliging traders to navigate through all three phases successfully to unlock payouts. Phase one mirrors the 8% profit target, which is then mirrored in phases two and three, with the same 5% daily gain limit and 8% maximum loss restriction.

Similar to the evaluation program, there are no minimum trading day requirements in all three phases before achieving funded status. Again, E8 Track program accounts offer a scaling plan, but what distinguishes them is their affordable pricing, lower profit targets, and an absence of both minimum and maximum trading day requirements, making E8 Markets an exceptional choice in the prop trading landscape.

Payment Proof

As of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, I don’t have access to specific payment proof or real-time information. It’s advisable to contact E8 Markets directly for the most accurate and up-to-date payment proof.

Payment Proof - E8 Funding

Payment Proof - E8 Funding

Education or Forum Support: Choosing Your Path with E8 Markets

When it comes to pursuing a career in trading, having access to the right resources and support is crucial. E8 Markets, a unique player in the proprietary trading industry, offers a distinctive approach when it comes to education and forum support.

  • Education Content

E8 Markets takes a different route compared to some other trading firms. Their website does not feature any educational content. This means that if you’re looking for structured learning materials, tutorials, or courses directly from E8 Markets, you won’t find them on their platform.

  • Forum Support

While E8 Markets may not provide formal educational content, they embrace the power of community and discussion. Traders looking for information, insights, and a platform to discuss E8 Markets and its features can head over to Forex Factory. E8 Markets has a dedicated thread on this platform, allowing traders to openly discuss various aspects of the company, its offerings, and their experiences.

  • Choosing Your Path

When it comes to choosing between education and forum support, it ultimately depends on your personal learning style and needs. Some traders thrive with structured educational content, while others prefer the dynamic nature of forums where they can engage in discussions, ask questions, and share experiences.

E8 Markets’s approach may not include formal education, but their active presence on Forex Factory’s forums ensures that traders have access to a supportive community where they can learn from others’ experiences and gain valuable insights. Whether you value structured learning or open discussions, E8 Markets offers a unique blend of options to support your trading journey.

Subscription & Profit Withdrawal Methods

E8 Market’s refundable subscription fee starts from $228.

Withdrawal Methods:

  • Bank Transfers
  • PayPal
  • Revolut
  • Wisepay
  • Payoneer
  • Cryptocurrency via Coinbase

Brokers That Are Used By E8 Funding

As of my knowledge cutoff date is September 2021, I don’t have information about the specific brokers used by E8 Funding. It’s recommended to contact E8 Funding directly for details on the brokers they collaborate with.

Traders Opinion

Trustpilot users from many walks of life have given the company high marks, giving it a rating of 4.7 stars out of a possible 5. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact their prompt and helpful customer service team for answers.

A happy owner who makes an effort to be as involved in the community as possible and fair and inexpensive challenges were also mentioned as positives.

E8 Funding has received widespread acclaim for its user-friendly interface and quick, helpful customer service.

Customer Support at E8 Funding

E8 Funding places a strong emphasis on providing exceptional customer support to its traders. The company is dedicated to ensuring that traders have access to the necessary information and assistance to navigate their trading experiences effectively. Here are the ways in which traders can reach out to E8 Funding’s customer support team:

1. FAQ Page:

Before initiating direct contact with the support team, traders are encouraged to visit the FAQ page on E8 Funding’s website. This resource is designed to address common questions and offer solutions to frequently encountered issues. It serves as a convenient starting point for resolving queries.

2. Email Support:

For more specific or complex inquiries that are not covered in the FAQ section, traders can engage with E8 Funding’s support team via email at support@e8funding.com. The support team is known for its responsiveness and commitment to providing thorough and timely responses to traders’ questions and concerns.

3. Live Chat Support:

To obtain real-time assistance, traders can take advantage of E8 Funding’s live chat support feature, accessible on the company’s website. The live chat support team is available during the following hours:

Monday to Friday: 7 AM – 6 PM CST
Weekends: 11 AM – 2 PM CST

Whether traders encounter technical issues, have inquiries related to funding, or require guidance on using their services, the live chat support representatives are readily available during these specified hours.

E8 Markets prioritizes the trading experience of its clients and is committed to ensuring that traders receive the necessary support precisely when it is needed. The various customer support channels provided by them are meticulously designed to streamline interactions and provide traders with comprehensive and informative assistance. Traders are encouraged to reach out whenever they require support or have questions about E8 Markets’s services, as the company is fully dedicated to helping traders succeed in their trading pursuits.

Final Thoughts

E8 Markets offers funded accounts to forex and CFD traders through their various funding programs. They provide competitive profit splits, fast funding, and comprehensive educational resources. However, trading with any prop trading firm carries inherent risks, and it’s crucial to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks carefully. It’s recommended to conduct thorough research, review up-to-date information, and seek advice from experienced professionals before making any investment decisions.

E8 Markets

Account size up to: $300K

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Deposit & Withdrawal
Website, Backend Technology
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3.5 Overall Rating

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