City Traders Imperium

City Traders Imperium

City Traders Imperium is a prop trading firm that provides traders with access to its capital. With a range of trading platforms and a strong focus on risk management, City Traders Imperium offers aspiring traders the tools and funding they need to succeed in the financial markets.

City Traders Imperium (CTI) is a privately held prop trading firm based in London. They offer multiple funding programs, including the Challenge program, Instant funding program, and Direct funding program.

Overview - City Traders Imperium

Traders have the opportunity to trade foreign currency pairs, gold, and stock market indices, with the potential to manage up to $4,000,000 and retain up to 100% of the profits.

Who are City Traders Imperium?

City Traders Imperium, often abbreviated as CTI, is a prominent proprietary trading firm nestled in the heart of the UK, in London. Established by Daniel Bautista on July 13th, 2018, CTI has since solidified its presence in the trading arena.

CTI distinguishes itself by providing a range of funding programs tailored to traders’ needs. Their offerings include day trading, instant funding, and direct funding programs. For those seeking swift access to capital, the instant funding programs offer a one-step evaluation process. Meanwhile, the direct funding option allows traders to bypass the evaluation phase and commence earning right away. The day trading funding program, involving a two-step evaluation, is designed for those who prefer a slightly more comprehensive assessment.

One of CTI’s standout features is their unique scaling plans. These plans enable traders to access substantial capital, with the potential to acquire up to $2,000,000 per account. This level of financial backing sets CTI apart in the trading community.

CTI’s trading platform of choice is MetaTrader 5, and they collaborate with a tier-1 liquidity provider. This ensures that traders benefit from the most accurate simulation of real market trading conditions. This combination of cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships forms the backbone of CTI’s success in the industry.

Moreover, CTI stands as an officially registered UK company, a fact verifiable through Companies’ House records. This not only underscores their legitimacy but also provides traders with an added layer of confidence in their dealings with CTI.

Who is the CEO of City Traders Imperium?


The CEO of City Traders Imperium is Daniel Martin, one of the co-founders of the company. With over two decades of experience in trading, Daniel has a wealth of knowledge that he’s used to help numerous traders achieve consistent profitability. His expertise lies not only in the technical aspects of trading but also in the crucial areas of trading psychology and methodology. Rather than retiring after achieving financial success, Daniel made it his new life goal to create a global community of profitable traders.

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Working alongside Daniel is Martin Najat, the other co-founder of City Traders Imperium. Martin’s journey into full-time trading was marked by his successful transformation as a Smart Money Concepts trader, thanks to the guidance and mentorship of Daniel Martin. His motivation in establishing City Traders Imperium was to assist undercapitalized traders who lacked the financial resources to pursue their trading dreams. This vision emerged during his tenure as an investment analyst in London when he realized his desire to do more than just trade. Today, Martin Najat plays a pivotal role in running City Traders Imperium, actively building a strong team of profitable traders and changing lives along the way.

Why You Should Consider City Traders Imperium

Inclusive and Supportive: CTI welcomes traders from all backgrounds and emphasizes self-discipline and long-term commitment. They provide support to help traders achieve financial independence.

Funding Options: CTI offers various funding programs, allowing traders to choose the option that best suits their trading style and goals. These programs include the Challenge program, Instant funding program, and Direct funding program.

Steps To Get Funded

Challenge Program Accounts 1 - City Traders Imperium

Challenge Program Accounts: The Challenge program involves a two-step evaluation process. Traders need to meet specific profit targets, adhere to loss limits, and trade for a minimum number of days to pass the evaluation and access a funded account.

Instant Funding Program Accounts - City Traders Imperium

Instant Funding Program Accounts: The Instant funding program allows traders to satisfy assessment requirements without time constraints. Traders must achieve a profit target while keeping losses below a certain level.

Direct Funding Program Accounts - City Traders Imperium

Direct Funding Program Accounts: Traders can bypass the evaluation process and start trading immediately by opening a Direct funding program account. Profit shares range from 70% to 100% based on trading performance.

Scaling Plan

CTI provides traders with the opportunity to scale their investments in any of the funding programs up to a maximum of $2,000,000 per account. This scaling plan allows successful traders to increase their profit share based on their trading performance.

Trading instruments

CTI offers a diverse range of trading instruments to cater to different trading needs. For those engaging in the Evaluation process, CTI provides access to Forex pairs and Gold. These two assets offer ample opportunities for traders to test their strategies and trading skills, ensuring they’re well-prepared for the challenges of the financial markets.




For those who have advanced to Portfolio manager accounts, CTI expands the offering by including Forex pairs, Gold, and Indices as trading instruments. This broader selection allows portfolio managers to diversify their portfolios and potentially maximize their returns. With access to these additional assets, traders can harness the volatility and opportunities presented by global financial markets.


S&P500 US30 USTEC DE30 UK100

Whether you’re in the early stages of your trading journey or have graduated to managing portfolios, CTI’s selection of trading instruments ensures you have the tools you need to succeed in the world of finance.

Trading fees

Trading commission:

Assets Fee Terms

Comparison Between City Traders Imperium and Other Prop Trading Firms

When comparing City Traders Imperium (CTI) to other proprietary trading firms in the industry, it becomes evident that CTI offers a unique set of advantages for traders. CTI stands out primarily due to its diverse range of funding programs and minimal trading style restrictions.

One key differentiator is the availability of three distinct funding programs at CTI: Day trading, instant funding (one-step), and direct funding programs. This variety provides traders with more flexibility to choose a program that aligns with their trading preferences and goals.

In contrast to many other prop trading firms, CTI imposes almost no restrictions on trading styles. Traders at CTI have the freedom to engage in various trading strategies, such as trading during news events, holding positions overnight, and even trading on weekends (with the exception of the day trading programs).

Example of comparison between CTI & FundedNext:

Trading Objectives CTI FundedNext (Evaluation)
Phase 1 Profit Target 10% 10%
Phase 2 Profit Target 5% 5%
Maximum Daily Loss 4% 5%
Maximum Loss 10% 10%
Minimum Trading Days 5 Calendar Days 5 Calendar Days
Maximum Trading Period Phase 1: 45 Calendar Days

Phase 2: 45 Calendar Days

Phase 1: 30 Calendar Days

Phase 2: 60 Calendar Days

Profit Split 80% up to 100% + Monthly Salary 90%

CTI’s instant funding programs (one-step programs) offer traders the option to select from various account sizes. To qualify for weekly payouts, traders need to complete one evaluation phase with a 9% profit target and a 5% maximum loss, along with a mandatory stop-loss rule. Unlike some competitors, CTI imposes no specific minimum or maximum trading day requirements for instant funding programs.

Example of comparison between CTI & E8 Funding:

Trading Objectives CTI E8 Funding (Normal)
Phase 1 Profit Target 10% 8%
Phase 2 Profit Target 5% 5%
Maximum Daily Loss 4% 5%
Maximum Loss 10% 8% (Scaleable up to 14%)
Minimum Trading Days 5 Calendar Days No Minimum Trading Days
Maximum Trading Period Phase 1: 45 Calendar Days

Phase 2: 45 Calendar Days

Phase 1: Unlimited

Phase 2: Unlimited

Profit Split 80% up to 100% + Monthly Salary 80%

For traders seeking to start earning right away, CTI’s direct funding program allows them to do so from day one and subsequently on a weekly basis. Key rules to focus on here are the 5% maximum loss limit and the mandatory stop-loss rule. Similar to the other programs, direct funding program accounts also have a scaling plan, and like the instant funding programs, there are no minimum or maximum trading day requirements.

Payment Proof

Payment Proof 1 - City Traders Imperium

CTI has provided evidence of payment on their YouTube channel. Traders who have successfully completed the evaluation or portfolio manager processes can verify their rewards by visiting the payout-proof section on the CTI Discord server.

Payment Proof 2 - City Trader Imperium

Subscription & Profit Withdrawal Methods

In the CTI’s Challenge Section, your one-time free will starts from $509. And for Instant funding, it will start from $949. But as for the direct funding method, it will start from $5999. CTI offers convenient withdrawal options, allowing traders to make full or partial withdrawals. Withdrawals are returned to the original payment method, such as debit cards or credit cards. Once the withdrawal amount exceeds the initial deposit, additional withdrawal options like PayPal, Transferwise, Revolut, and cryptocurrencies become available.

Brokers That Are Used By City Traders Imperium

CTI utilizes the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platform and trades through a third-party app. They offer access to tradable instruments such as indices, forex, and commodities.

Traders Opinion

Traders Opinion 1 - City Traders Imperium

Reviews of CTI have been very positive.

Traders Opinion 2 - City Traders Imperium

They have an impressive 4.8 rating out of 5 stars based on 844 reviews posted on Trustpilot by members of their community. The fact that they respond to all evaluations on Trustpilot, not just the bad ones like the majority of prop providers, is also a plus. They also provide trustworthy service that will supply you with all the data you need to make an informed decision on the

Traders Opinion 3 - City Traders Imperium

Education and clear regulations and procedures that make their clients improve their risk management are additional benefits.

Customer Support at City Traders Imperium

When it comes to receiving top-notch customer support, City Traders Imperium (CTI) goes above and beyond to ensure their clients’ needs are met. Here’s how CTI offers assistance to its valued customers:

FAQ Page for Quick Answers: CTI understands that sometimes, you need answers in a hurry. That’s why they’ve created a comprehensive FAQ page. It’s your go-to resource for finding quick solutions to common questions and concerns. Whether you’re looking for information on account setup, trading strategies, or technical issues, the FAQ page is a great place to start.

Direct Email Contact: For more personalized assistance, you can reach out to their dedicated support team via email at Whether you have inquiries about your account, need help with a trade, or want to report a technical issue, their support experts are just an email away.

Live Chat Support: Need immediate assistance? CTI offers a live chat support feature, allowing you to message their team directly. Simply type your question or concern into the chat, and you’ll receive a prompt response via email. It’s a quick and convenient way to get the help you need, right when you need it.

Discord Channel: CTI also maintains an active presence on Discord, a popular communication platform. Within their Discord community, you’ll find a dedicated Support channel. If you encounter any issues related to support or technical matters, this channel is the perfect place to seek assistance from both CTI’s support team and fellow traders.

At City Traders Imperium, exceptional customer support is a top priority. They are committed to ensuring that you have the resources and assistance you need to make the most of your trading experience. Whether you prefer to explore the FAQ page, send an email, engage in live chat, or join the Discord community, CTI is here to support you every step of the way. Your success in the world of trading is their success, and they’re always ready to lend a helping hand.

Final Thoughts

City Traders Imperium stands out as a prop trading firm that supports traders in their pursuit of financial independence. With various funding programs, scaling opportunities, evidence of payment, and positive trader reviews, CTI provides a platform for traders to thrive. Their commitment to continuous learning and development fosters a dynamic and collaborative trading environment. Overall, CTI offers a compelling option for traders looking to excel in the financial industry.

City Traders Imperium

Account size up to: $4M

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