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Uncover a wealth of resources at The5ers, offering a holistic approach to refining your trading skills. Immerse yourself in an array of exclusive content meticulously crafted to enhance your expertise in the financial markets. From in-depth workshops delving into intricate strategies to masterclasses focusing on astute risk management, The5ers provides a comprehensive educational hub.

The5ersExplore riveting webinars featuring insights from industry experts, providing a unique opportunity to glean wisdom from seasoned professionals. Dive into thought-provoking interviews with accomplished traders from The5ers community, gaining valuable perspectives and real-world insights. Enrich your understanding of the psychological aspects of trading through meticulously curated courses.

Your journey towards trading mastery begins at The5%ers’ hub, a dynamic platform where knowledge meets experience. Delve into this treasure trove of exclusive content, each element designed to empower and elevate your trading acumen. Visit to embark on a transformative learning experience.

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Alpha Capital Group

Alpha Capital is a platform that helps traders in trading. Also, it educates beginners about funding accounts. It is a very reliable and convenient way to earn profit.


The5%ers funding firm was launched in 2016. This firm aims to help traders with high-capital trading. It is UK based company, and the headquarter is located in Israel.


FundedNext, the fastest growing proprietary trading firm, has gained massive popularity for their 15% Profit-share from the Demo Phase and $4 million scale-up to maximise the traders' profit.


It is a good and reliable platform that helps traders in trading and has a good trading service that makes trading easy for everyone.

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