My Forex Funds offers three kinds of funding programs. 

1. Rapid, 

2. Evaluation

3. Accelerated

The Accelerated Program is one of the most interesting funding opportunities that My Forex Funds is offering. Traders can get up to 1:100 leverage, and weekly payouts are available. There is no Daily Drawdown Limit with this program. Traders do not have to meet any profit target to withdraw their profit percentage. This is the only funding program of My Forex Funds that offers scale-up plans for the prop traders. Finally, there is no Lot size limit for traders to trade in.  

With the Accelerated program, there are two account types, and each has five accounts depending on the capital size.



Scaleup Plan

My Forex Funds is offering a scale-up plan for its Accelerate Account traders. The maximum account growth is $2,020,000 (traders of the Emphatic $50,000 account).

Scale-up Structure:

To be eligible for a scaleup plan, traders must increase their account size within an unlimited time period. Traders can scale up every trading week (5 trading days). In the first phase, the account will grow by 2X. In the second phase, the account will grow by 1.5X. Then, in the third phase, the account will grow by 2X. The cycle repeats all over again till the account balance reaches $2 million.

1. The profit target for Conventional is 10%.
2. The profit target for Emphatic is 20%.

However, not all the account types will scale up to $2 million.  The maximum size depends on the account type and the initial capital balance.

My Forex Funds offer three kinds of funding programs. 

Maximum Account Growth:

Conventional Account Scale-up Plan

$2,000 — $324,000
$5,000 — $405,000
$10,000 — $540,000
$20,000 — $1,080,000
$50,000 — $1,350,000

Emphatic Account Scale-up Plan

$2,000 — $486,000
$5,000 — $810,000
$10,000 — $810,000
$20,000 — $1,600,000
$50,000 — $2,020,000

Account Features

– There is no maximum daily drawdown limit while traders trade with their real account. 
– Maximum overall drawdown: 5% of the starting account balance for the Conventional, 10% for the Emphatic. 
– Leverage: 1:50 (Conventional) & 1:100 (Emphatic).  
– Trading instruments: Forex, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, commodities. 

Account Rules

– EA and trading bot usage is not allowed other than for copying purposes; 
– Weekend trading is not allowed; 
– News trading allowed; 
– Overnight positions are allowed; 
– No refund

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