Ultimate Traders

Ultimate Traders

Ultimate Traders, a premier proprietary trading firm founded in January 2024 and based in Hong Kong, introduces an innovative online funding program to empower traders worldwide. Offering account sizes ranging from $5,000 to $100,000, the firm caters to traders of diverse experience levels.

Ultimate Traders

The program features a profit-sharing model of up to 90%, coupled with an account size scaling option up to $400,000. Whether you opt for the single-phase or double-phase evaluation, Ultimate Traders provides a pathway for talented traders to flourish.

Ultimate Traders Review: Overview

Ultimate Traders is a distinguished proprietary trading firm offering a unique funding program. Traders undergo a single or double-phase evaluation to demonstrate their trading prowess, unlocking access to real funds upon success. 

Ultimate Traders Review

The firm’s commitment to rewarding hard work is reflected in a profit share of up to 90%. With account sizes tailored to individual preferences and a capacious $400,000 scaling opportunity, Ultimate Traders stands out as a flexible and supportive trading platform.

Who Should Join The Ultimate Traders?

Ultimate Traders embraces individuals aged 18 and above, believing in the universality of trading talent. While no special qualifications are required, newcomers undergo a challenging evaluation to showcase their trading skills. The firm operates under the leadership of Panayiotis Christodoulou, Chief Revenue Officer, fostering a culture of professionalism and mentorship.

How Does The Ultimate Traders Work?

Classic Challenge:

In the Classic Challenge, traders embark on a multi-phase journey to prove their trading mettle.

Classic Challenge

Account Sizes:

Choose from various account sizes, ranging from $10,000 to $400,000.

Evaluation Process:

Evaluation Process

Phase One (Challenge): Meet specific profit targets while adhering to trading rules.

Phase Two (Verification Stage): Finalize the challenge by reaching profit targets and complying with platform rules.

Funded Live Account:

Successful completion of the evaluation phases qualifies traders for a funded account equivalent to the amount used in the evaluation.

Scaling Plan:

Engage in a simulated scaling plan, increasing the account balance by 25% every three months based on set criteria.

Speedy Challenge:

The Speedy Challenge streamlines the process for a swift entry into live trading.

Speedy Challenge

Account Sizes:

Choose from various account sizes, ranging from $10,000 to $400,000.

Evaluation Process:

Evaluation Process

Phase One (Challenge): Pass a single-phase evaluation by achieving the set profit target and adhering to trading rules.

Funded Live Account:

Successful traders progress to a funded account, mirroring the evaluation amount.

Scaling Plan:

Qualification for a scaling plan depends on market performance and adherence to trading rules. Traders may increase their account size up to $400,000.

Onboarding Process:

Upon completion of KYC verification, a third party manages the onboarding process for handling funds in the program.

In essence, Ultimate Traders provides a structured yet flexible framework for traders to showcase their skills, access real funds, and potentially scale their accounts based on performance. The dual challenge options cater to varying preferences, offering a comprehensive trading experience.

Ultimate Traders Trading Rules

Profit Targets:

The profit targets set by Ultimate Traders vary based on the chosen challenge:

Classic Challenge:

  • Phase One: Achieve a 10% profit target to progress to the next level.
  • Phase Two: Reach a 5% profit target to advance to a funded account.

Speedy Challenge:

  • Single-Phase: Attain a 10% profit target to qualify for a funded account.

Maximum Drawdown:

In the Classic Challenge, the maximum drawdown is capped at 12%, calculated relative to the initial account balance. For the Speedy Challenge, it is set at 4%, considering the account balance.

Daily Drawdown:

Classic Challenge:

Maximum daily drawdown is 6% based on the initial account balance.

Speedy Challenge:

Daily drawdown is limited to 4%, calculated based on the account balance.

Profit Share:

Ultimate Traders allows traders to withdraw up to 90% of their profits from the trading account.

Minimum Trading Days:

Regardless of the challenge type, Ultimate Traders mandates a minimum of three trading days.

News Trading:

Traders on the Ultimate Traders platform enjoy the flexibility of engaging in news trading.

Maximum Trading Days:

Ultimate Traders provides unlimited trading days for traders to complete each stage of their trading process.

Weekend Trading:

Trading positions cannot be held over the weekend, aligning with the prop firm’s trading policies.

Trading Instruments 

  • Forex pairs
  • Indices
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Stock
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Oil

Trading Leverage:

Ultimate Traders offers varying leverage for different instruments:

Trading Leverage

Ultimate Traders Trusted Broker:

The prop firm exclusively uses T4Trade as its official broker. T4Trade is preferred for its minimal fees and exceptionally low spreads in the forex market. Additionally, Ultimate Traders operates on MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platforms, requiring traders to ensure device compatibility before trading.

What Sets Ultimate Traders  Apart?

Excellent Profit Share:

Ultimate Traders stands out with an unparalleled profit-sharing model, allowing traders to earn up to an impressive 90% of their total profits generated on the platform. This lucrative incentive serves as a powerful motivator for traders to maximize their efforts and strive for excellence in their trading activities.

Unlimited Trading Days:

One of the distinctive features of Ultimate Traders is its commitment to providing traders with unlimited trading days. This means that traders can conduct their trades at their own pace without the constraints of a maximum limit on trading days. This flexibility empowers traders to optimize their trading strategies and achieve their best performance, regardless of their experience level.

Multiple Options for Account Sizes:

Ultimate Traders recognizes the diversity of traders and their financial capabilities. To accommodate traders with different capital levels, the prop firm offers a range of account sizes. Whether you have a modest budget or a more substantial capital, Ultimate Traders provides the flexibility to choose an account size that aligns with your financial capacity. This diversity makes the prop firm accessible and affordable to a broad spectrum of traders in the competitive forex market.

Payout Process at Ultimate Traders

Withdrawal Management:

In the funded stage of Ultimate Traders, a third party oversees the withdrawal process, ensuring transparency and efficient handling of withdrawal requests. Traders can expect a secure and professional system for managing their funds.

Profit Withdrawal:

Ultimate Traders allows traders to withdraw up to 90% of the total profits earned on the platform. This provides traders with the flexibility to access their earnings and enjoy the rewards of their successful trading endeavors.

Withdrawal Frequency:

Traders should note that the prop firm permits withdrawals once a month. It is essential to adhere to this withdrawal frequency to ensure a smooth process. Failure to comply with this rule may impact the ability to access funds during withdrawal requests.

Withdrawal Procedure:

To initiate a withdrawal, traders can submit their withdrawal requests through the client area. The prop firm then processes the request, and once completed, the profits are transferred to the trader’s Deel account. This structured process facilitates easy withdrawal to the trader’s preferred bank.

Traders Opinion

Ultimate Traders, while having a limited presence on Trustpilot with only one review, has earned an average rating of 3.7/5. While the number of reviews is currently limited, it reflects a positive sentiment from the community.


Ultimate Traders offers a well-organized and reliable payout process, ensuring that traders can access their profits efficiently. The positive sentiment reflected in available reviews suggests a satisfactory experience for traders engaging with the platform. As with any trading endeavor, individuals should carefully consider the details provided and make informed decisions based on their trading preferences and goals.

Ultimate Traders

Account size up to: $400K

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