Navigating the dynamic realm of online trading often leads to the quest for a trustworthy and empowering proprietary trading company. Join them as they explore an extensive review of FundsCap, unearthing the nuances of this highly prospective proprietary trading firm. Whether you’re a veteran in the trade or initiating your journey, this review endeavors to furnish an impartial, proficient evaluation of FundsCap’s services, trading environment, and distinctive attributes.

Fundscap Review

Who are FundsCap?

At the core of FundsCap’s ethos lies a straightforward mission and vision: to level the trading landscape by providing equal opportunities for all traders to access capital essential for financial triumph. 

Dedicated to empowering traders to realize their financial aspirations, FundsCap endeavors to stand out as a frontrunner in proprietary trading. Their emphasis on innovation and commitment to delivering impressive returns for funded traders underscores their overarching objective.

Who are FundsCap

Offering a diverse array of assets spanning Forex, Metals, Commodities, Shares, and Indices across various markets sets FundsCap apart. Notably, a standout feature of FundsCap is their absence of time constraints during the trader evaluation process.

This unique facet allows traders the freedom to take the necessary time to fulfill requirements and successfully navigate the evaluation account. This flexibility presents a significant advantage for traders who prefer a more measured approach in meeting the firm’s criteria.

FundsCap extends support for popular trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4 and 5, facilitated through OnEquity. It’s pertinent to highlight that OnEquity operates as a regulated broker under the banner of Meritfox Investments Ltd and holds authorization from the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA).

In the aftermath of the MyForexFunds controversy, ensuring collaboration with a regulated broker has become pivotal for proprietary trading firms. This regulatory oversight instills an additional layer of assurance for traders, fostering a sense of security when engaging in trading activities with FundsCap.

Funding Program

FundsCap offers an array of account sizes tailored to accommodate diverse trading styles and risk preferences. Ranging from a modest $5,000 account to a more substantial $500,000 account, traders have the flexibility to select an account size that aligns with their individual preferences.

The evaluation process at FundsCap comprises two phases meticulously designed to assess traders’ capabilities in both skillful trading and proficient risk management. The initial stage, known as the “Challenge,” necessitates traders to showcase disciplined adherence to trading objectives. Upon successful completion of this phase, traders progress to the “Verification” stage, where achieving a 5% profit target becomes paramount to qualify for a funded account.

Upon attaining funded trader status, FundsCap presents an appealing profit-sharing structure. Traders retain up to 90% of the profits derived from their trading activities.

Funding Program

FundsCap implements a one-time fee, reimbursed automatically through the initial Profit Split. Additionally, traders have the alternative option of account resets, offering reduced fees instead of repurchasing a challenge. Account reset fees vary based on the account size, ranging from $39 for a $5,000 account to $1,789 for a $500,000 account.\

For traders aspiring to join FundsCap, a comprehensive two-step evaluation process aims to assess both trading skills and risk management capabilities. The evaluation process is divided into the Challenge and Verification stages, each with specific criteria tailored to different account sizes.

Step 1: The Challenge

The Challenge marks the primary phase of evaluation, presenting traders with specific trading objectives aligned with various account sizes. Key parameters include:

  • Trading Period: No time limit
  • Minimum Trading Days: 3 days
  • Maximum Daily Loss: 6%
  • Maximum Loss: 12%
  • Profit Target: 8%
  • Leverage: Up to 1:100

Step 2: Verification

Following successful completion of the Challenge, traders advance to the Verification stage. This stage presents similar trading objectives but with a specific profit target requirement. Key parameters encompass:

  • Trading Period: No time limit
  • Minimum Trading Days: 3 days
  • Maximum Daily Loss: Same as the Challenge
  • Maximum Loss: Same as the Challenge
  • Profit Target: 5% of the account size
  • Profit Split: Upon attaining funded trader status, traders retain up to 90% of the profits.

Funded Account Features:

FundsCap offers a range of account sizes tailored to different trader preferences, from $5,000 to $500,000. Each account tier allows traders a flexible trading period with no limitations and a minimum trading duration of 3 days.

The maximum allowable daily loss and total maximum loss increase proportionally with the account size, reaching up to $30,000 (6%) and $60,000 (12%), respectively, for the $500,000 account. Profit targets also escalate accordingly, with the highest set at $40,000 (8%) for the largest account.

The initial refundable fee varies per account size, starting at $49 for the $5,000 account and peaking at $2,389 for the $500,000 account.

Account Size

Trading Period Minimum Trading Days Maximum Daily Loss Maximum Loss Profit Target Refundable Fee Reset Fees


No Limit 3 days $300 (6%) $600 (12%) $400 (8%) $49 10%


No Limit 3 days $1500 (6%) $3000 (12%) $2000 (8%) $129 10%


No Limit 3 days $3000 (6%) $6000 (12%) $4000 (8%) $289


$100,000 No Limit 3 days $6000 (6%) $12000 (12%) $8000 (8%) $489


$200,000 No Limit 3 days $12000 (6%) $24000 (12%) $16000 (8%) $959


$500,000 No Limit 3 days $30000 (6%) $60000 (12%) $40000 (8%) $2389


Evaluation Process:

To advance through FundsCap’s evaluation process and access a funded account, traders undergo a two-stage procedure. Initially, traders select their desired account size and engage in the Challenge stage, the foundational phase of the evaluation.

Evaluation Process

Successful completion of this stage is pivotal to progress to the Verification phase. During the Challenge, traders showcase their trading prowess and commitment to meeting the set Trading Objectives.

Evaluation Process 1

Subsequently, the Verification stage requires traders to achieve a 5% profit target, affirming their capabilities. Once this stage is triumphantly passed and results are authenticated, traders receive the opportunity to trade within FundsCap’s esteemed Proprietary Trading Firm using real capital funds.

Choose Account Size

Profit Target


$400 (8%)


$2000 (8%)


$4000 (8%)


$8000 (8%)


$16000 (8%)


$30000 (8%)

What makes FundsCap different from other prop firms?

At FundsCap, the aim is to establish a comprehensive partnership with traders, meticulously addressing every facet of their journey with the company.

  • Optimal Trading Environment

Optimal Trading Environment

FundsCap introduces the challenge by featuring a diverse asset selection across multiple markets, promising superior trade execution, competitive raw spreads, and minimal commissions.

  • Transparent Fee Structure

Commitment to transparency ensures traders encounter no hidden membership fees or unexpected expenses. The firm automatically reimburses the initial fee through the inaugural Profit Split.

  • Empowering Risk Management

Traders are empowered with control over their risk exposure through maximum daily loss and total drawdown limits. These limits enable effective account equity risk management.

  • Extended Trading Duration

An extended minimum trading period allows traders ample time to make informed decisions, optimizing their trading potential to achieve desired targets.

  • Account Reset Option

In scenarios of an unfavorable start, traders can opt for an account reset at reduced fees instead of procuring another Challenge.

  • Profit Sharing

Upon fulfilling the criteria and obtaining funded trader status, traders benefit from retaining 80% to 90% of the profits earned through their trading endeavors.

Trading Instruments:

FundsCap presents an extensive array of assets spanning various markets, ensuring ample opportunities for traders to diversify their portfolios. The primary asset classes comprise:

  • Forex: Trading currency pairs within the largest financial market.
  • Metals: Investing in precious metals like gold and silver.
  • Commodities: Trading natural resources such as oil and gas.
  • Shares: Buying and selling shares of publicly-traded companies.
  • Indices: Investing in stock market indices such as the S&P 500.
  • Crypto: Trading popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

FundsCap’s Challenge Fee

FundsCap implements a one-time upfront fee for participation in the challenge, varying in accordance with the chosen account size:

Account Size


$5,000 account


$25,000 account


$50,000 account


$100,000 account


$200,000 account


$500,000 account


This fee acts as the entry ticket for the challenge and is non-recurring in nature.

Refundable Fee

Upon successful completion of the challenge, leading to the attainment of funded trader status, the initial fee paid is automatically refunded through the first Profit Split.

Reset Fee

For traders encountering a challenging start and failing the initial evaluation, FundsCap offers an alternative by providing an option to reset the account for a lower fee instead of repurchasing another challenge. The reset fees are outlined as follows:

Account Size

Reset Fee

$5,000 account


$25,000 account


$50,000 account


$100,000 account


$200,000 account


$500,000 account


Trading Hours

While FX, Metals, Commodities, Shares, and Indices are quoted 24/5, the Crypto market is quoted 24/7. This means traders can hold positions over the weekend for cryptocurrencies, unlike other asset classes.


FundsCap offers traders a maximum leverage of 1:100, enabling them to optimize their trading capabilities while maintaining a balanced approach to risk management. This high leverage ratio empowers traders without compromising on prudent risk strategies.

Which broker does FundsCap use?

The trading platform at FundsCap holds paramount importance within its trading ecosystem. The company leverages the widely acclaimed MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platforms, facilitated by OnEquity, a regulated broker authorized by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Optimal Trading Environment

Renowned for their robust features and intuitive interfaces, both MT4 and MT5 cater to traders across different proficiency levels. These platforms boast an array of tools dedicated to technical analysis, comprehensive charting capabilities, and support for automated trading strategies. Their versatility caters to the diverse needs and preferences of traders navigating the financial markets.

Traders’ Opinion

Fundscap has garnered 39 user evaluations on Trustpilot, attaining a commendable average rating of 4.6 out of five stars. 

Traders’ Opinion

Noteworthy is their prompt and reliable customer service team, poised to address any inquiries with efficiency.

Traders’ Opinion 1

In the event of issues, Fundscap’s support staff is committed to assisting users, and guiding them effectively towards resolution.

A testament to their excellence in customer support, another community member has echoed commendations for their swift and efficient responses, consistently steering users in the right direction to fulfill their needs.


FundsCap stands as an enticing prospect for traders across varying experience levels, offering access to funding and a professional trading environment. Through its meticulous two-step evaluation process, the firm ensures that only proficient and disciplined traders attain funded status.


The company’s spectrum of benefits includes a diverse array of tradable assets encompassing forex, commodities, shares, and cryptocurrencies. This variety allows traders ample opportunities to diversify their portfolios.

Moreover, FundsCap maintains transparent and straightforward fee structures, with the initial challenge fee being reimbursed through the inaugural profit split.

In essence, FundsCap extends a transparent avenue for traders to access substantial trading capital while prioritizing responsible trading practices. Notably, the firm’s collaboration with a regulated broker, OnEquity, significantly bolsters the credibility and security of the trading experience.

Although demanding skill and discipline, FundsCap generously rewards success, rendering it a notable option in the trading landscape.


Account size up to: $500K

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