Crypto Fund Trader

Crypto Fund Trader

Crypto Fund Trader represents a cutting-edge proprietary trading firm, focusing on offering a virtual trading environment. This environment includes a diverse array of financial markets like cryptocurrencies, forex, indices, commodities, and stocks, catering to a broad spectrum of trader interests and strategies.


The firm aims to assess and hone the trading skills of its participants, providing them with a platform to practice trading without real-world financial risks. This approach not only nurtures trading talent but also prepares traders for real market conditions.


Successful traders in this simulated environment stand a chance to qualify for substantial funding up to $200,000. This funding allows them to trade with real money and reap the benefits of their trading acumen, with the firm emphasizing career growth and skill advancement in the trading industry.

Meet The CEO of CFT: Alan Sanchez

Alan Sanchez serves as the CEO of Crypto Fund Trader. As the leader of the proprietary trading firm, he plays a pivotal role in shaping the firm’s strategic direction, overseeing its operations, and ensuring that it provides an optimal trading environment for its clients.

Under his guidance, Crypto Fund Trader has developed a diverse range of trading instruments and a competitive fee structure, catering to the needs of traders globally.

His leadership is instrumental in maintaining the firm’s commitment to transparency, trader education, and the provision of advanced trading platforms like the CFT Platform and MetaTrader 5. 

Funding Program Options:

Crypto Fund Trader’s Funded Trader Programs are meticulously designed to evaluate traders’ skills in a structured manner.

Funding Program Options

The two-phase program begins with a challenging first phase, where traders are required to achieve an 8% profit target while adhering to a 5% maximum daily loss limit and a 10% overall loss threshold.

Funding Program Options 1

In Phase 2, traders who successfully complete the first phase proceed to a more advanced level of evaluation, with a reduced profit target of 4%. This phase continues to observe the same risk parameters but offers the additional advantage of entry without any fees.

Funding Program Options 1

For traders who choose the one-phase program, the process starts directly with an evaluation phase, focusing on achieving a 4% profit target under identical risk management rules, offering a streamlined path to potential funding.

Capital and Profit Sharing:

The opportunity to access up to $200,000 in funding is a significant highlight of Crypto Fund Trader’s offerings. This level of funding enables skilled traders to significantly leverage their trading strategies in real-world market conditions.

Capital and Profit Sharing

Traders participating in this program are rewarded with a generous profit share, where they get to keep 80% of the profits generated. This profit split arrangement serves as a substantial incentive, encouraging traders to maximize their trading performance.

An exceptional aspect of the firm’s policy is covering the losses incurred during the evaluation process. This approach minimizes the financial risk for participants and underscores the firm’s confidence in its training and evaluation methodologies.

Why Consider Crypto Fund Trader:

Crypto Fund Trader stands out in the proprietary trading market with its highly beneficial conditions for traders. These conditions include significant capital access, comprehensive loss coverage during evaluations, and a diverse range of trading assets.

Why Consider Crypto Fund Trader

The platform is distinguished for offering the most favorable trading terms in the industry. This includes zero-pip spreads and exceptionally low trading fees, which are crucial factors in maximizing a trader’s profitability.

The absence of strict time constraints in the evaluation phases of the program is a testament to the firm’s commitment to a stress-free and flexible trading environment.

Why Consider Crypto Fund Trader 1

This approach allows traders to develop and apply their strategies without the pressure of time-bound targets, promoting a more thoughtful and strategic approach to trading.

Trading Platforms:

Crypto Fund Trader leverages two primary trading platforms: MetaTrader 5, known for its robustness and versatility, and the firm’s proprietary CFT platform, tailored to meet specific trading needs and preferences.

Trading Platforms

The integration of these platforms facilitates a dynamic and efficient trading experience. MetaTrader 5 is renowned for its user-friendly interface and advanced trading tools, while the CFT platform likely offers exclusive features and functionalities, enhancing the overall trading experience within the Crypto Fund Trader ecosystem.

Trading Instruments:

Crypto Fund Trader offers a comprehensive range of over 500 trading instruments, spanning multiple asset classes, accessible through both the CFT Platform and MetaTrader 5.

This diverse selection caters to a wide variety of trading interests and strategies, making it an attractive choice for traders of all experience levels.

On the CFT Platform, traders have access to an extensive variety of instruments, including:

  • 46 Cryptocurrencies, offering a foray into the dynamic and evolving digital currency market.
  • 45 Forex pairs, allowing traders to engage in the world’s largest financial market and speculate on currency movements.
  • 38 Indices, providing opportunities to trade on the collective performance of top companies in various sectors.
  • 22 Commodities, including precious metals, energy, and agricultural products, suitable for diversifying portfolios.
  • Over 250 Stocks, enabling traders to invest in shares of leading companies and participate in their growth.

In addition to the CFT Platform, Crypto Fund Trader utilizes MetaTrader 5, a widely recognized trading platform known for its robust functionality and user-friendly interface.

On MetaTrader 5, the instrument range includes:

  • Over 100 Cryptocurrencies, giving traders an expansive selection in the crypto market.
  • 39 Forex pairs, covering major, minor, and exotic currencies.
  • 23 Indices, representing a broader scope of global markets and industries.
  • 18 Commodities, providing a mix of hard and soft commodities for trade.
  • 25 Stocks, representing a diverse range of global companies and industries.

This extensive and varied selection of trading instruments across both platforms underscores Crypto Fund Trader’s commitment to providing its traders with a rich and versatile trading experience. With such a broad range of options, traders can explore different markets, refine their trading strategies, and potentially capitalize on a wide array of trading opportunities.

Trading Fees:

Crypto Fund Trader employs a clear and competitive fee structure for its range of trading instruments, designed to cater to the various needs of traders. The commission rates are set based on the type of instrument traded and are charged per side of the transaction.

Crypto Trading:

Commission Rate: 0.0125% per side.

This rate applies to all cryptocurrency trades, providing a cost-effective option for traders engaging in the volatile crypto market.

Commodities Trading:

Commission Rate: 0.0005% per side.

This low commission rate is advantageous for traders looking to invest in commodities like gold, oil, and agricultural products.

Stock Trading:

Commission Rate: 0.002% per side.

The commission for stock trades is set at a competitive rate, allowing traders to participate in equity markets with minimal costs.

Forex Trading:

Commission Rate: $1.5 per lot per side.

Forex traders incur a fixed commission per lot, facilitating cost-effective trading in the currency markets.

Indices Trading:

Commission Rate: $0 per lot.

Trading indices is highly cost-effective on Crypto Fund Trader, with no commission charges per lot.

In addition to the commission fees, Crypto Fund Trader also applies a swap fee for trades that remain open at 22:00 UTC. The swap fee is calculated based on a specific formula and varies depending on the instrument traded.

Swap Fee Calculation:

Percentage Method (per year):

Formula: (Lot x Long or Short / 100 / 360) x open price.

Example for 1 lot of BTCUSD: (1 x (-5) / 100 / 360) x 24484.24 = -$3.4.

Points Method:

Formula: Lot x Long or Short x Contract Size x Quote Precision.

Example for 2 lots of XAUUSD: 2 x (-35.673) x 100 x 0.01 = -$71.35.

This detailed fee and swap structure enables traders to make informed decisions about their trading activities, taking into account the costs associated with each type of trade and the impact of holding positions overnight.

The transparent and competitive pricing model is a key aspect of Crypto Fund Trader’s commitment to providing a trader-friendly environment.

Customer Support at Crypto Fund Trader:

Crypto Fund Trader emphasizes accessible and efficient customer support to assist traders throughout their journey with the platform. For any queries or assistance, traders can easily reach out to the support team via email at

This channel is ideal for detailed inquiries or when documentation needs to be shared. For those preferring a more immediate form of communication, Crypto Fund Trader offers a live chat option.

The live chat feature, accessible through their website, provides real-time assistance for quick queries or immediate support needs.

In addition to these digital communication channels, Crypto Fund Trader also has a physical presence at their office located at Calle Pau, 7, Bajo-A, 31016 Pamplona, Navarra, Spain, under the company RLCRATES, S.L. (B71431670).

This physical address adds an extra layer of credibility and accessibility for users who prefer traditional means of contact.

Trader Reviews and Ratings: 

Crypto Fund Trader, a prominent name in the proprietary trading firm industry, has garnered significant attention and praise on Trustpilot, a platform renowned for customer reviews and ratings. 

The firm boasts an impressive TrustScore of 4.5 out of 5, underpinned by 180 reviews, reflecting a strong endorsement from the trading community.

This high rating is indicative of a generally positive reception among its users, suggesting that a majority of traders have had favorable experiences with the firm. 

With an overall rating of 4.4, it’s clear that Crypto Fund Trader has managed to meet or exceed the expectations of most of its clientele. 

Such a rating is particularly noteworthy in the competitive and dynamic world of proprietary trading, where trader satisfaction can be heavily influenced by the quality of service, support, and trading conditions provided.

The substantial number of reviews and the excellent TrustScore signal that Crypto Fund Trader is a verified company that prioritizes customer satisfaction and continually strives to maintain high standards in its offerings. 

For prospective traders or those exploring options in the proprietary trading firm space, these ratings serve as a testament to the company’s reliability and the quality of experience it provides to its users.


Crypto Fund Trader emerges as a comprehensive and versatile trading platform, offering an extensive selection of over 380 tradable instruments across various financial markets.

The platform caters to a wide range of traders, providing different funding options, clear and manageable trading parameters, and a user-friendly trading environment. This includes flexibility in trading styles, no day limit in evaluation phases, and a focus on strategic trading.

With its commitment to offering low trading fees, high leverage, and a platform for exploring diverse markets, Crypto Fund Trader positions itself as an attractive and competitive option within the proprietary trading firm industry.

Crypto Fund Trader

Account size up to: $200K

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4.8 Overall Rating

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