Ascendx Capital

Ascendx Capital

Explore the possibilities of prop trading with Ascendx Capital, a platform that opens doors to funding opportunities up to $200,000.

Setting itself apart with an above-industry-standard profit share of 85%, Ascendx Capital aims to provide traders with favorable conditions for their financial journey.

Ascendx Capital

In this review, we’ll delve into the offerings of Ascendx Capital, evaluating its funding structure, profit-sharing model, and overall suitability for traders seeking a prop firm to partner with.

Who Are Ascendx Capital?

Ascendx Capital, founded by former investment banker Scott, emerges as a distinctive player in the financial arena. Leveraging his extensive experience with esteemed institutions like Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, and Barclays, Scott identified the need to empower retail investors in wealth-building beyond conventional methods. 

Who Are Ascendx Capital

Ascendx Capital a product of this vision, aims to bridge the gap between retail and institutional trading, offering a unique platform for emerging traders. 

Joining Ascendx Capital means stepping into a community-driven space both online and in person, with Scott’s commitment to providing payouts and nurturing trading talent.

By the Numbers

Embark on a journey of trading excellence with Ascendx Capital, your gateway to global markets.

By the Numbers

180+ Countries:

Ascendx Capital extends its reach to over 180 countries, creating a truly global community of traders. Whether you’re in North America, Europe, Asia, or elsewhere, Ascendx Capital provides access to its platform.

4-Hour Average Payout Processing Time:

Experience swift and efficient payout processing with Ascendx Capital, ensuring that you receive your earnings promptly. The 4-hour average processing time reflects Ascendx Capital’s commitment to providing timely payouts to its traders.

Ascendx Capital stands out by not only offering access to a wide range of global markets but also by prioritizing efficiency in its payout procedures, making it an ideal choice for traders seeking both diversity and prompt returns.

Evaluation Programs

Ascendx Capital introduces a range of Starter Accounts, each crafted to cater to different trading preferences and experience levels. Among these, the Starter 200k Account stands out, offering traders a substantial boost with $200,000 in capital for their trading endeavors.

Priced at $990, this account provides an excellent opportunity for seasoned traders looking to maximize their potential profits. For those seeking a more modest yet impactful entry point, Ascendx Capital offers the Starter 200K, 100K, Starter 50k, and Starter 25k Accounts. 

Evaluation Programs

These accounts, priced at $490, $295, and $192 respectively, provide traders with varying levels of initial capital, allowing them to choose an option that aligns with their risk tolerance and trading goals. 

Starter 200k Account at a glance: 

Experience the pinnacle of trading possibilities with our Starter 200k account, an exceptional opportunity designed for seasoned traders seeking higher initial capital.



Account Type

Starter 200k

Our Capital





Phase 1 – 1:100, Phase 2 – 1:100, Funded – 1:100

Max Trading Days

Phase 1 – Unlimited, Phase 2 – Unlimited, Funded – N/A

Min Trading Days

Phase 1 – 3, Phase 2 – 3, Funded – 3

Profit Target

Phase 1 – 7% ($14,000), Phase 2 – Profit Share, Funded – N/A

Max Drawdown

Phase 1 – 10% ($20,000), Phase 2 – 10% ($20,000), Funded – 10% ($20,000)

Max Daily Drawdown

Phase 1 – 5% ($10,000), Phase 2 – 5% ($10,000), Funded – 5% ($10,000)

Max Capital Growth

Phase 1 – $400,000, Phase 2 – $400,000, Funded – $400,000


Phase 1 – $5/round lot, Phase 2 – $5/round lot, Funded – $5/round lot

News Trading

Phase 1 – Yes, Phase 2 – Yes, Funded – Yes

Hold Over Weekend

Phase 1 – Yes, Phase 2 – Yes, Funded – Yes


Phase 1 – Yes, Phase 2 – Yes, Funded – Yes


Phase 1 – Yes, Phase 2 – Yes, Funded – Bi-weekly

Are you ready to elevate your trading career and unlock funding opportunities that align with your skills? Ascendx Capital offers a clear path for traders to turn their expertise into real funding.

Starter 200k Account at a glance

Let’s explore the step-by-step guide to navigate Ascendx’s evaluation programs, secure funding, and enjoy the benefits of up to 85% returns on profits while maintaining drawdown within acceptable limits. Your journey to financial success begins here.

Signup & Register:

Start by signing up for Ascendx evaluation programs and registering on the platform. Choose a challenge that suits your trading style and showcases your skills.

Pass 2-Step Evaluation:

Demonstrate your trading prowess by successfully navigating the two-step evaluation process. Achieve the specified profit target percentage without triggering your daily maximum loss or maximum drawdown.

Get Funded:

Upon successfully passing the evaluation challenges, you elevate your status to a Funded Ascendx Trader. This achievement unlocks the opportunity to trade real funds, and you can enjoy up to 85% returns on profits while maintaining drawdown within acceptable limits.

Funded Account Features at Ascendx Capital

Ascendx Capital offers a diverse range of funded account features tailored to accommodate traders of varying experience levels and preferences. Explore the enticing opportunities awaiting you:

Funded Account Features at Ascendx Capital

Starter 200k:

  • Our Capital, Your Profits.
  • Scale up to $400,000 in funded accounts.
  • An above-industry standard 85% return on profits generated.
  • Competitive pricing at $990.

Starter 100k:

  • Our Capital, Your Profits.
  • Attain funding for accounts up to $200,000.
  • Enjoy an 85% return on profits.
  • Accessible pricing at $490.

Starter 50k:

  • Our Capital, Your Profits.
  • Ideal for traders seeking funding up to $100,000.
  • 85% profit share on earnings.
  • Cost-effective at $295.

Starter 25k:

  • Our Capital, Your Profits.
  • Entry-level funding for accounts up to $50,000.
  • Benefit from an 85% return on profits.
  • Budget-friendly pricing at $192.

Ascendx Capital’s funded account features are designed to empower traders, providing them with financial support and an impressive profit split. The scalability and flexibility of these offerings make Ascendx Capital an attractive choice for traders aspiring to elevate their trading journey.

Funded Account Features at Ascendx Capital

Ascendx Capital Evaluation Process

Embark on your journey to becoming a Funded Ascendx Trader through a comprehensive two-phase evaluation process:

Phase 1: Skills Test

Put your trading prowess to the test in this initial phase. Trade for a minimum of 3 days, exhibiting your skills with your preferred instrument. The goal is to achieve a profit target of 7%, providing you with the opportunity to showcase your abilities without the constraints of time.

Phase 2: Advanced Showcase

Having triumphed in Phase 1, you now advance to the final step. Successfully passing the Phase 1 challenge opens the door to showcase your skills further. Aim for a 5% profit target, once again without any time constraints. This phase solidifies your readiness to become a Funded Ascendx Trader.

Become a Funded Trader:

Upon conquering both Phase 1 and Phase 2, you earn the coveted title of a Funded Ascendx Trader. 

Trading with a 0% profit target, you’ll experience an unparalleled profit share of 85%, underscoring your success in the Ascendx pro challenge account as a funded prop trader.

Ascendx Capital’s evaluation process is designed to bring out the best in traders, providing a clear path to becoming a successful Funded Ascendx Trader.

Ascendx Capital: Elevating Your Trading Experience Above the Rest

Ascendx Capital stands out in the competitive landscape of proprietary trading firms, offering unique features that set it apart:

Ascendx Capital: Elevating Your Trading Experience Above the Rest

Exceptional Profit Split:

Ascendx Capital takes pride in its above-industry-standard profit share of 85%. Traders can enjoy a substantial portion of their earnings, fostering a rewarding trading experience.

Flexible Trading Without Time Limits:

Unlike many prop firms, Ascendx understands the importance of flexibility. Traders can execute their strategies without time constraints, ensuring well-informed decisions and optimal trading conditions.

Lowest Profit Targets:

Ascendx Capital’s model introduces the most competitive and realistic profit targets in the market, with targets set at 7% and 5%. This lowers the bar for success and aligns with the trader’s best interests.

Rapid Payouts:

Traders can access their hard-earned money promptly, thanks to Ascendx Capital’s integration with multiple payment gateways. Fast and efficient payouts contribute to a seamless trading experience.

Monthly Competitions:

Ascendx Capital encourages traders to participate in free monthly competitions. This not only adds an element of excitement but also provides an avenue for winning exciting prizes and free evaluation accounts.

Lowest Commissions and Spreads:

Revolutionizing the trading industry, Ascendx Capital offers lightning-fast execution, super-tight spreads, and the lowest commissions on trades. This ensures cost-effectiveness and maximizes traders’ profitability.

Trade Without Restrictions:

Ascendx Capital breaks free from conventional restrictions. Traders can employ any strategy, use Expert Advisors (EAs), and trade through news events. Complete trading freedom empowers traders to explore diverse approaches.

In summary, Ascendx Capital distinguishes itself by prioritizing trader benefits, offering unmatched profit shares, flexibility, and a trader-centric environment. This commitment to excellence positions Ascendx as a premier choice for prop traders seeking a rewarding and unique trading journey.

Trading Instruments at Ascendx Capital

Ascendx Capital opens the door to a world of trading possibilities, allowing you to diversify your portfolio across various asset classes. Explore the trading instruments available to you:

FX (Forex):

  • Engage in the dynamic and ever-changing world of foreign exchange.
  • Trade major, minor, and exotic currency pairs.
  • Leverage opportunities in the largest financial market.


  • Tap into the commodities market for potential profit opportunities.
  • Trade precious metals like gold and silver.
  • Explore energy resources and agricultural products.


  • Access global stock market performance through indices.
  • Trade on the collective value of a group of stocks.
  • Diversify your investments with index trading.

Ascendx Capital provides a versatile selection of trading instruments, catering to both novice and experienced traders. Whether you’re interested in the fast-paced Forex market, commodities with tangible value, or the broader market trends represented by indices, Ascendx Capital ensures you have the tools to craft a well-rounded and diversified trading strategy.

Which broker does Ascendx use?

Ascendx Capital collaborates with Purple Trading SC as its exclusive broker, providing traders with an assessment environment designed to replicate institutional trading conditions. The broker partnership offers several key features:

Which broker does Ascendx use?

Extensive Institutional Trading Experience:

Purple Trading SC delivers an environment that mirrors the experience of institutional trading.

Prime Liquidity:

Traders gain access to prime liquidity sources, ensuring optimal trading conditions.

Ultra-low Latency:

Benefit from ultra-low latency for rapid order execution, a crucial aspect of efficient trading.

Targeted Execution Time:

Purple Trading SC aims for an execution time of less than 30 milliseconds, promoting timely trades.

Raw Spreads:

Experience trading with raw spreads starting from 0.1 pips, ensuring competitive pricing.

Commission-Free Trading:

Enjoy commission-free trading on the platform, reducing overall trading costs.

Wide Range of Offerings:

Purple Trading SC provides an extensive array of trading instruments, including FX, Indices, and Commodities.

This strategic partnership with Purple Trading SC enhances the overall trading environment, emphasizing professionalism, reliability, and the necessary features for traders to thrive. 

Ascendx Capital’s commitment to a top-tier broker ensures that traders have access to cutting-edge tools and conditions for success.


Ascendx Capital emerges as a premier proprietary trading firm, prioritizing the empowerment of retail traders. Founded by former investment banker Scott, the firm sets itself apart through transparent evaluation programs, allowing traders to scale up to $400,000 in funded accounts.

With a strategic partnership with purple trading SC, Ascendx Capital ensures traders benefit from institutional-grade features, including prime liquidity, ultra-low latency, and commission-free trading. 

In summary, Ascendx Capital stands out for its innovative approach, providing a clear path to financial freedom through transparent evaluation programs, a strategic broker partnership, and trader-centric features. For those seeking a growth-oriented prop trading firm, Ascendx Capital offers a compelling opportunity for success.

Ascendx Capital

Account size up to: $200K

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