Alpha Capital Group

Alpha Capital Group

Alpha Capital is a platform that helps traders in trading. Also, it educates beginners about funding accounts. It is a very reliable and convenient way to earn profit.

Alpha Capital Group can assist you in trading if you wish to perform or invest in a live trading account. The technologically sophisticated trading firm, Alpha Capital Group, also relies on education, training with in-depth market knowledge, and risk analytics to assist both new and seasoned traders in making a profit.

Alpha Capital Group is a prop trading firm based in London, UK. They offer traders the opportunity to trade with a $200,000 account and take home an 80% profit share.

Overview - Alpha Capital Group

With their in-house proprietary execution brokerage, ACG Markets, they provide advantageous terms for traders. ACG specializes in forex, commodities, and indices trading.

Who are Alpha Capital Group?

Alpha Capital Group is a dynamic proprietary trading firm, established on November 2nd, 2021. With their headquarters nestled in the vibrant city of London, UK, Alpha Capital Group has quickly gained recognition in the financial world as a go-to destination for aspiring traders looking to take their trading careers to new heights.

One of the standout features that sets Alpha Capital Group apart is their unique opportunity for traders to access substantial capital of up to $2,000,000. This generous capital allocation empowers traders to execute their strategies on a grand scale, facilitating the pursuit of their financial goals. What’s even more impressive is that traders get to keep 80% of the profits they generate, making it a lucrative partnership.

Alpha Capital Group takes great pride in the launch of their in-house proprietary execution brokerage, known as ACG Markets. This cutting-edge platform provides traders with a robust and sophisticated trading environment, complete with excellent trading conditions. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting your journey, ACG Markets aims to provide the tools and resources needed for success.

Located at 10 Lower Thames Street, Billingsgate, London, England, EC3R 6AF, Alpha Capital Group’s headquarters reflect their commitment to being at the heart of the financial world. Their strategic location underscores their dedication to providing traders with the resources and support needed to thrive in the competitive world of finance.

Who is the Managing Director of Alpha Capital Group?

Alpha Capital Trading

The Managing Director of Alpha Capital Group is George Kohler. George’s journey in the financial industry began after he graduated from university with a degree in banking and finance. His career path led him through various roles, allowing him to gain valuable experience and insights.

One of his notable experiences was a two-year stint at a FTSE-listed company, where he specialized in institutional forex trading. During this time, George played a crucial role in managing institutional exchange rate risk by strategically using a combination of spot, forward, and option contracts.

Building on his expertise, George transitioned to full-time trading in the financial markets. His focus primarily centered around major forex pairs, indices, and gold. It was during this period that he identified a significant opportunity in the rapidly growing proprietary trading industry.

Motivated by this realization, George Kohler founded Alpha Capital Group with a clear vision. His aim was to create a comprehensive solution for traders, encompassing not only education and funding but also cutting-edge technology to support traders and manage risk effectively.

At the heart of Alpha Capital Group’s mission is a commitment to innovation. George and his team are working tirelessly to implement one of the most advanced account statistics dashboards available to retail traders. They also maintain a close partnership with funded traders, ensuring that they achieve the best possible results from their trading activities.

Why You Should Consider Alpha Capital Group

Funding Opportunity: Alpha Capital Group offers traders the chance to access substantial capital with a $200,000 trading account.

Profit Share: Traders receive an 80% profit share, allowing them to retain a significant portion of their earnings.

Favorable Trading Conditions: ACG Markets, the proprietary execution brokerage, provides advantageous terms to traders.

Comprehensive Support: Traders can benefit from market education, trading strategies, and guidance from experienced traders.

Steps To Get Funded

Steps To Get Funded - Alpha Capital Group

Evaluation Phase 1:

Profit Target: 8%

Daily Drawdown: 5%

Max Drawdown: 10%

Trade Through News: Yes

Hold Over The Weekend: Yes

Evaluation Phase 2:

Profit Target: 5%

Daily Drawdown: 5%

Max Drawdown: 10%

Trade Through News: Yes

Hold Over The Weekend: Yes

Funded Account:

Profit Share: 80%

Daily Drawdown: 5%

Max Drawdown: 10%

Trade Through News: Yes

Hold Over The Weekend: Yes

Scaling Plan

ACG offers a scaling strategy for traders to expand their trading account. Once the account grows by at least 10%, traders can request to scale up. The scaling amount is 10% of the initial deposit. Traders can withdraw their earnings while still expanding their trading capital.

Trading instruments

Alpha Capital Group offers a diverse range of trading instruments, providing investors with ample opportunities to diversify their portfolios and maximize potential returns. With the flexibility of 1:100 leverage, traders can magnify their positions, amplifying both profits and risks.

Forex Pairs:

Navigating the dynamic foreign exchange market has never been easier. Alpha Capital Group enables traders to engage in forex trading, allowing them to speculate on the exchange rates of various currency pairs. Whether it’s major pairs like EUR/USD or exotic pairs such as USD/SGD, the platform offers a comprehensive selection to cater to varying trading preferences.



For those looking to tap into the tangible assets market, Alpha Capital Group provides access to a wide array of commodities. From precious metals like gold and silver to energy resources such as oil and natural gas, traders can capitalize on the fluctuations in global commodity prices. This provides an additional layer of diversification to investment strategies.



Investors seeking exposure to broader market movements can turn to trading indices. Alpha Capital Group offers a selection of major stock indices from around the world, including the S&P 500, FTSE 100, and Nikkei 225. This allows traders to take positions on the overall performance of stock markets, providing a strategic approach to capturing market trends.

US500 EUSTX50 GER30 HK50
JPN225 NAS100 UK100 US30

With Alpha Capital Group, traders can embark on their investment journey armed with a versatile range of trading instruments. The 1:100 leverage further empowers traders, giving them the potential to amplify their gains. It’s a comprehensive platform designed to cater to the diverse needs and strategies of investors in today’s dynamic financial landscape.

Trading fees

Trading commission:

Assets Fee Terms

Comparison Between Alpha Capital Group and Other Prop Trading Firms

When it comes to prop trading firms, Alpha Capital Group stands out from the crowd. What sets them apart is their unique approach, offering five distinct two-step evaluation account sizes with clear-cut rules. This sets a refreshing precedent in an industry where complexity often reigns.

Example of comparison between Alpha Capital Group & E8 Funding

Trading Objective Alpha Capital Group E8 Funding (Normal)
Phase 1 Profit Target 8% 8%
Phase 2 Profit Target 5% 5%
Maximum Daily Loss 5% 5%
Maximum Loss 10% 8% (Scaleable to 14%)
Minimum Trading Days 3 Calendar Days No Minimum Trading Days
Maximum Trading Period Phase 1: Unlimited
Phase 2: Unlimited
Phase 1: Unlimited
Phase 2: Unlimited
Profit Split 80% 80%

Example of comparison between Alpha Capital Group & FundedNext

Trading Objective Alpha Capital Group FundedNext (Stellar)
Phase 1 Profit Target 8% 8%
Phase 2 Profit Target 5% 5%
Maximum Daily Loss 5% 5%
Maximum Loss 10% 10%
Minimum Trading Days 3 Calendar Days 5 Calendar Days
Maximum Trading Period Phase 1: Unlimited
Phase 2: Unlimited
Phase 1: Unlimited
Phase 2: Unlimited
Profit Split 80% 80% up to 90%

One of the key differentiators is the flexibility Alpha Capital Group provides to its traders. Unlike many other leading firms, traders here have the ability to operate during pivotal market events, including news releases, and even hold positions overnight and through the weekends.

Alpha Capital Group’s evaluation program is designed with a two-phase evaluation process, ensuring traders meet specific criteria before becoming eligible for payouts. The initial phase requires reaching an 8% profit target, followed by a 5% target in the second phase. Traders are subject to a maximum daily loss of 5% and a 10% maximum loss overall. To further demonstrate commitment, there’s a requirement of a minimum of three trading days in both phases before achieving funded status.

What truly sets Alpha Capital Group apart, in comparison to other leading prop firms, is their relatively modest profit targets and clearly defined trading objectives and rules. This approach offers traders a transparent pathway to success, making it an enticing option for those looking for a prop trading firm with a difference.

Payment Proof

Alpha Capital Group pays traders every two weeks, regardless of the profit made. Withdrawals are available on the 14th and 28th of each month. Proof of payment is available and can be provided upon request.



Subscription & Profit Withdrawal Methods

According to Alpha Capital Group, they support a $97 one-time subscription fee for their Alpha Pro $10K account. As per their account fund increase, the subscription price will increase.

ACG provides the following withdrawal methods:

Bank Wire (Wise)

Brokers Used By Alpha Capital Group

Brokers Used By Alpha Capital Group

ACG is connected with ACG Markets, which serves as the broker for trading activities. ACG Markets provides trading opportunities for forex, commodities, and indices.

Traders’ Opinion

Traders opinion 1 - Alpha-Capital-Group

On Trustpilot, they have 253 evaluations from users and an impressive 4.6 average rating out of five stars. They also provide a prompt and dependable customer service team that can answer any questions you may have. If you have any kind of issue, they will assist you and point you in the right direction so that you can fix it.

Traders opinion 2 - Alpha-Capital-Group

Another community member echoed the praise for their excellent support staff. They answer quickly and efficiently, and they always point you in the right direction to find what you need.

Traders Opinion 3 - Alpha-Capital-Group

The majority of users are impressed by Alpha Capital Group’s user-friendly interface and the absence of trading commissions.

Customer Support at Alpha Capital Group

Alpha Capital Group prides itself on providing excellent customer support to ensure a smooth and successful experience for all traders and participants in our proprietary trading firm and funding program. Here’s how you can get in touch with our dedicated support team:

FAQ Page: For the most general information and an overview of their rules and regulations, we recommend visiting their FAQ page. It’s a valuable resource that can quickly address many common queries.

Live Chat Support: If you have additional questions or need assistance with specific issues, the live chat support team is available directly through their website. Their friendly and knowledgeable representatives are on standby to assist you promptly, no matter the problem you’re facing.

Social Media: You can also reach out to them through their social media channels. They’re active on various platforms, and their support team monitors these channels to provide assistance and engage with their community.

Email Support: If you prefer a more traditional method of communication, you can email them at Their email support is reliable and ensures that your questions or concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

Discord Channel: You can join their Discord channel to not only get in touch with their support team but also connect with other members of their community. It’s a great place to share experiences, tips, and insights while receiving assistance from the team.

At Alpha Capital Group, weey are committed to making your journey with them as seamless as possible. Feel free to reach out through any of these channels, and we’ll be there to help you every step of the way. Your success is our priority, and we look forward to assisting you with any questions or issues you may have.

Final Thoughts

Alpha Capital Group is a reputable prop trading firm that offers traders a chance to access substantial capital, retain a significant profit share, and benefit from favorable trading conditions. Their evaluation process, scaling plan, and flexible deposit/withdrawal methods make ACG an attractive option for traders looking for funding opportunities.

Alpha Capital Group

Account size up to: $300K

Trading Platform Experience
Deposit & Withdrawal
Website, Backend Technology
Customer Support
5.0 Overall Rating

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