FundedNext: Profit Share Boosts for New Traders!

Aspiring traders, take note! FundedNext has introduced a unique program that incentivizes and rewards successful trading from the very beginning. Their “15% Profit Sharing from the Challenge Phase” initiative offers traders the opportunity to earn a portion of the profits they generate during the evaluation process.

This feature stands out in the prop trading world. Traditionally, traders only begin earning profits once they acquire a funded account. FundedNext’s approach allows ambitious individuals to start building their earnings potential right from the evaluation stages.



Imagine this: You’re putting your trading skills to the test in a FundedNext challenge. Not only are you working towards securing a funded account, but you’re also accumulating a potential 15% share of the profits you generate during the challenge phase. This can provide a significant financial boost when you transition to a live funded account.

Financial rewards aside, the 15% profit sharing program signifies FundedNext’s commitment to fostering a community of successful traders. By allowing participants to share in the profits they create during the evaluation, they are demonstrating its belief in their potential and its focus on creating mutually beneficial partnerships.

It’s important to remember that successfully completing a FundedNext challenge requires discipline, skill, and a well-defined trading strategy. However, the 15% profit sharing program adds another layer of motivation for aspiring traders, making them an attractive option for those serious about pursuing a career in prop trading.

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