Enhance Your Trading Strategy with Funded Engineer Drawdown Blocker

These two invaluable features have become indispensable tools for traders across the globe:

The Drawdown Blocker:

Ever encountered that sinking feeling after a losing trade? It’s something every trader knows all too well – the emotional rollercoaster that follows a loss. Often, it leads to impulsive decisions and further losses.

Enter the Drawdown Blocker. This remarkable tool is now at your fingertips, conveniently located on your dashboard. What’s even better? Setting it up is a breeze, with straightforward instructions provided in their post. Bid farewell to emotional trading and hello to a more controlled approach.

Funded Engineer

Funded Engineer

Auto-Close Trades Once Target is Hit:

You’re on the brink of success, just inches away from reaching your evaluation’s target percentage during the simulated phase. But in the heat of the moment, you forget to close a trade, or perhaps you miss the critical moment and watch helplessly as the market retraces.

Funded Engineer

Funded Engineer

Don’t let these situations hold you back any longer. With their Auto-Close feature, these worries become a thing of the past. No need for complex setups; the system handles it seamlessly. While the Auto-Close feature operates smoothly, please note that there may be a minor delay of a few seconds. Be prepared, and rest assured, you can find more details in their website FAQ.

Elevate your trading experience with these groundbreaking tools. They may not yield instant results, but they are your steadfast companions on the journey to becoming a more successful trader.

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