BFP Unveils Match Trader Integration!

In a thrilling update, Bespoke Funding Program introduces a second platform option, welcoming Match Trader into its lineup alongside ThinkTrader. This strategic move allows traders to diversify their trading experience, presenting a wealth of opportunities and enhanced features.

BFP MATCHTRADERDive into the world of Match Trader, a new addition to BFPā€™s platform offerings. The integration of Match Trader enriches the trading landscape, providing traders with an alternative and robust platform to explore.


MATCH TRADER Integration Now Live! Experience the seamless integration of Match Trader, now live at Bespoke Funding Program. This dynamic platform adds a layer of versatility to your trading journey, opening doors to advanced features and functionalities.

With both ThinkTrader and Match Trader at your fingertips, BFP aims to empower traders with choices. Diversify your strategies, explore new markets, and embark on an enriched trading journey.

Good luck with your trading endeavors! They continue to evolve, ensuring traders have the tools and options needed for success. Explore the possibilities with the new Match Trader integration at BFP!

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